1.       Text editor MS Word of any version, format А4; parameters of the page: all fields – 2,5 cm; type – Times New Roman, indention retreat – 1,25 cm, line spacing – single, size of type of the report – 14; in the right corner – author’s initials and surname; in a line – the title typed with capital letters in the center of the page; in a line – main text of the article.

2.       References in the text are to be in square brackets: the number of a source in the list, then the cited page or page range: [8, p. 56-57]. If you make references to several sources, their numbers are separated with a semi-colon: [1; 3]. Quotations from scientific articles, monographs and other sources are to be typed with double quotation marks. Notes (in the end of the page or after the main text) are not permitted. No pagination. Average volume of the article – not less than 15-20 thousand printing symbols (7-10 pages). Materials with less than 15.000 printing symbols are not to be considered by the editorial board.

3.       The list of bibliographic references should be arranged alphabetically (in a line space after the article). References – MLA style. First give the literature in Cyrillic alphabet, then – Latin.

4.       Annotation and keywords in English should be given in a line space after the list of bibliographic references (size of type – 12). An annotation should contain author’s last name and initials, title of the article in full and its annotated content (200-250 words).


Except the article, it is necessary to send a separate file with author’s information: first name, last name, patronymic (fully), academic degree and academic title (if any), position, institution, contact telephone number, address for correspondence, e-mail.


The articles (name the file with the last name of the first author) and author’s information are to be sent to the e-mail:


Languages of the journal – English, Ukrainian, German, Polish, Russian, and French.


Publication fee (5 US dollars a page) should be paid only after the editorial board considers the article and sends the payment account.

Publication fee includes postal charges of sending one print copy of the journal to the authors (co-authors pay extra publication fee and postal charges).

Topic of the article should reveal current tendencies and conceptions. The article itself should contain research materials which were not published before.

All research articles undergo double blind peer review process. The Editorial Board may decline non-thematic articles with technical errors or those, which need considerable stylistic correction.





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